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Marketing Data Analytics Subcontractor:

As a Marketing Data Analyst subcontractor working with KAMPP Technology and Marketing, we are responsible for leveraging advanced analytics techniques to extract actionable insights from marketing data. Our role involves analyzing campaign performance, identifying trends, and creating visually engaging reports and presentations to guide strategic decision-making. With a focus on continuous learning and collaboration, we are crucial in delivering data-driven solutions to enhance our clients’ marketing effectiveness.

Web analytics:

As a Marketing Data Analyst, we implemented and managed Google Tag Manager across fourteen Big Air Trampoline Park franchise websites. We configured various tags, triggers, and variables to track key metrics and analyzed the data to provide actionable insights for the marketing team. Based on this analysis, we also made recommendations for website improvements and prepared detailed reports for management. My role significantly improved data-driven decision-making, optimizing tagging efforts and enhancing the overall business performance.

Big Air Marketing

E-commerce Analytics:

As a contracted E-commerce Analyst for McClatchy, Rooyesh is responsible for assimilating data from a diverse network of 30 third-party sources. We leverage the capabilities of the Amplitude platform to conduct comprehensive data analysis. This facilitates the production of insightful reports that foster an understanding of consumer behavior, thereby driving strategic initiatives to enhance sales performance.

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