Behind the scene - Rooyesh Analytics

Behind the scene

Meet us at Rooyesh Analytics, where we do things a bit differently! In our team, titles like CEO or CFO aren’t set in stone – we all wear different hats depending on the project. Whether leading the charge or supporting in the background, each of us steps up to ensure our goals are met and met brilliantly. Think of us as your remote dream team, spread across the globe yet united in our mission to deliver top-notch results at scale. We’re all about collaboration, flexibility, and bringing our best to every task. Dive into our world and discover how we work magic together! ?✨?

Welcome to the vibrant world of Rooyesh Analytics! I’m Shabnam, your chief data enthusiast, a digital sorcerer who loves to weave stories from numbers and insights. Think of me as your friendly neighborhood data whisperer, always ready to unravel the mysteries hidden within datasets and translate them into actionable strategies. I use tools like Google Analytics and Power BI to turn complex data puzzles into clear, compelling narratives. When I’m not busy decoding the digital universe, you’ll find me championing meaningful causes or diving into the latest tech innovations. So, if you need a mix of analytical prowess, creative spark, and a dash of tech wizardry, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s make data magic happen together at Rooyesh Analytics!

I’m Mohammad, a wizard in robotics and machine learning. My journey began at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, where I mastered the art of blending robotics with music. Picture a robot that can outplay a human in a musical showdown – that’s one of my creations! My expertise isn’t just theoretical; I’ve brought innovative products to life in the real world, from musical robots to advanced instrumentation systems. I’ve also bagged some shiny awards and grants from big names like Google and the NSF. Armed with a toolbox of Python, C++, MATLAB, and more, I’m here to add a touch of robotic magic to our projects. Let’s make some AI-driven symphonies together! ???

I’m Amir, your go-to guru for project scheduling and management. With over 15 years in the game, I’ve honed my skills in overseeing mega projects, ensuring everything runs smoother than a well-oiled machine. Whether it’s managing schedules or wrangling risks, I’ve got a knack for keeping projects on track and stakeholders smiling. My experience spans various industries, including construction, energy, and utilities, handling projects worth up to USD $60 million. I’m all about hitting targets, optimizing resources, and making complex tasks look easy. When I’m not orchestrating project success, you might find me geeking out on Primavera or MS Project because, let’s face it, efficiency is my middle name. Excited to bring my blend of expertise and energy to Rooyesh Analytics and make project magic happen!

I’m Vadood, a cloud whiz passionate about Azure and a knack for making the complex simple. With a decade of tech leadership, I thrive in the cloud and on-prem Microsoft worlds. Think of me as your go-to guy for transforming IT visions into reality. I’ve led top-tier teams across eCommerce, retail, insurance, and financial services. My mantra? Innovative solutions, agile delivery, and a cloud-first mindset. Let’s navigate the Azure skies together and bring your business goals to life with cutting-edge cloud solutions! ?️?✨

I’m Amir, the strategic wizard of marketing! With a rich background in Sweden and Iran and over half a decade in the field, I’ve honed my skills in crafting compelling marketing strategies. Equipped with an EMBA and Scrum Master credentials. As a Marketing Strategist in Canada, I aim to help small businesses soar to extraordinary success. Let’s navigate the marketing maze together and take your brand to stellar heights! ?✨